Blueberry Blues


At sundown in the fields of the Mississippi Delta, exhausted cotton workers would board the barges heading upriver towards Memphis.  The workers would get off at the Beale Street docks, shower at the boarding houses, “jump sharp” into some fresh clothes and come alive again to party in the clubs on Beale Street.  Some of them even found enough energy to sing and play instruments.  This is where the work songs that they sang under the Mississippi sun would make love to the steamy rhythms of the Memphis night.  The love child of this musical rendezvous became known as the Blues.  Composer W.C. Handy lived in a house at 4th and Beale St.  He heard this music from his window, transcribed it into sheet music, and sent the Blues on a world tour, eventually turning the Blues into a world-renowned superstar.

Blueberry Blues channels this wild and sultry passion that changed the history of music forever.

Ingredients: The Blueberry Blues is made with a combination of fresh & wild blueberries and roasted pecans. This is truly our most versatile sauce!!! It will literally go with anything!!!! It’s great with venison, lamb, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and even vegetables. Hunters love this sauce because it’s great with game!!!