Spicy Hickory Smoke


To a southern woman, the smell of smoked hickory means that succulent cuts of grilled meat are soon to follow, but, let’s not forget that grilled veggies are begging for some of that sweet hickory smoked lovin’ too!  Our hickory is just a bit more mysterious, like true Southern Belles, always up to something different, light or heavy, strong or subtle, bold or blue. Regardless of what the outcome is, we all know Southern Belles always provide a kick – just enough to satisfy pork, seafood, brisket, or even grilled veggies.

Ingredients: The Spicy Hickory Smoke is a tomato and molasses based sauce, with a subtle blend of peppers & spices. It’s a sweet sauce….with a little bit of “kick.” It’s great with chicken, beef, and pork.

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