Original Belle


Like a true, one-of-a-kind southern woman – often imitated, never duplicated – this is the Original; the one and only secret recipe created in Memphis. Steeped in the southern atmosphere and aroma of the BBQ soul capital of the world, the Original Belle is a mixture of all things Southern Belle – her love, tenderness, sass and spunk appears in every savory detail. Here at Southern Belles, we believe that all women have a little Belle in them, waiting to come out – a vivaciousness and zest for life, a spirit that is dainty yet coy, classy but strong – indeed a true Southern Belle is a woman who inspires us to be more excellent, more polished, more beautiful, more delicious.  This sauce is a tribute to all the Original Belles in our hearts and in our lives.

Ingredients: The Original Belle is a sweet & thick molasses based sauce. It’s a great blend of tomato, molasses, and special spices. The Original Belle is where is all started and will go with anything!!! It can be used during the cooking cycle, as a dipping sauce, and even as a marinade.

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