Southern Heat


If you’ve ever strolled through along the Mississippi on a midsummer night, you know the air is so hot and thick you can eat it with a spoon.  Passions rise along with the temperature, and everyone is looking to cool the fires burning outside and within.  We search for something that gets to the very heart of the heat, some kind of  balance that tempers our desires. This is the delicious balance at the heart of our Southern Heat.  When it’s so hot you can’t think straight and you can taste the sweetness of temptation. Don’t you need some heat? I’m sure you do…not too much, just a little. Don’t be afraid…her bite’s not hard…just a nibble……You’ll be in love with South’s delicious sweet Heat.  And every chance you get, you’ll come back for more. Yeah…that’s right…Southern Heat!

Ingredients: The Southern Heat is made with a subtle blend of candied jalapeños and habaneros. You get the sweetness in the front and then the heat in the back. This is a great compliment to beef, chicken, and pork.

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